Security and Technology


DOCOsoft is committed to maintaining the highest information security standards. DOCOsoft has been ISO27001 certified since 2019, with its latest certificate valid until 2025. This certification reflects our dedication to keeping your data safe and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets at all times.

We understand that information security is a critical concern for our customers, and at DOCOsoft we take this responsibility very seriously. Our team remains vigilant and proactive in identifying and addressing potential security risks, so you can have complete confidence in the security of your data when working with us.

To support our commitment to information security, we undergo regular internal as well as external audits throughout the year. These audits are an essential part of our robust corporate governance structure and help ensure that we are continuously improving our information security practices.

Our Technology

At DOCOsoft we use robust industry-standard technology based primarily on Microsoft technology both for software development, operations and throughout our business.


We use Microsoft Azure Cloud computing services, the technology trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.


Secure and scalable

Recognising the need for a solution that can comfortably and securely accommodate the rapidly increasing volumes of data our clients work with, we took the decision some time ago to build all our software solutions on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform using a microservice architecture. This combination – along with methodologies such as DevOps and CI/CD – allows DOCOsoft to deliver secure, scalable, and flexible claims management solutions.


Among the many benefits of using a microservice architecture is that it means each service can be developed, tested, and deployed independently, allowing us to make changes to individual services without impacting the entire application. This enables us to develop, test, and deploy new services faster, with minimal downtime. It also allows us to scale our services in order to meet individual clients’ needs, while providing a more flexible and adaptable architecture.  


Adaptable and flexible

The combination of Azure’s security features, microservices, and DevOps/CI/CD methodologies enables DOCOsoft to deliver scalable and flexible solutions to meet the ongoing needs of all our customers. Our microservices architecture allows us to employ the most appropriate technology for each service we deliver, while DevOps and CI/CD help us improve the speed and quality of software delivery and reduce costs.  

State of the art

We are currently on track to adopting a state-of-the-art platform-as-a-service model based on the tried and tested market-leading Microsoft Azure technology. 

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