Specialised InsurTech solutions

DOCOsoft’s InsurTech solutions have a long-standing record of success. Since the late 90s, we’ve developed specialist insurance software that’s now used across the globe.

Market-leading InsurTech solutions that improve the way you work

Our integrated InsurTech solutions automate the claims and document-handling process. They provide complete workflow systems that streamline how insurance firms manage claims and reimburse clients efficiently.

An adjustable end-to-end workflow system

Our integrated claims management system improves productivity and raises performance, enabling your teams to save time and get ahead.

Claims management

Reliable expertise and foresight

Our experts keep constantly up to date with the latest regulatory developments to ensure your business stays compliant. What’s more, our comprehensive analytics give you the insight you need to plan for the future and maintain a competitive advantage.


A consultative approach to InsurTech solutions

We take a consultative approach to InsurTech development and application. That means we investigate setups and work with your people to determine a proper implementation plan, so you get a system that matches your business needs.

Optional add-on modules mean workflows can adapt or scale as and when you need them to. And, again, we collaborate with your teams to ensure you get products that continue to perform as you evolve.

We are distinctive, and we want to make a mark

We bring character to convention

We’re a small company with a big personality.

We do things differently

We’re proactive and we work in partnership with clients to find solutions.

We make our clients’ lives easier

We’re straight-talking and we simplify complexity.

We invest in talent and support each other

We connect, and we evolve together. It’s not just about ticking boxes.

The benefits of DOCOsoft InsurTech solutions

Insurers are now actively looking for claims handler recruits with DOCOsoft experience. This demonstrates the true benefits of DOCOsoft’s solutions. An intelligent software system for big-ticket insurers, DOCOsoft is seen as a core tool for the job. Find out more…


Case studies

Read more about how DOCOsoft has helped insurers and reinsurers throughout the industry…

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