DOCOsoft is more than a software solution

Insurers are now actively looking for claims handler recruits with DOCOsoft experience. This demonstrates the true benefits of DOCOsoft’s solutions. An intelligent software system for big-ticket insurers, the DOCOsoft claims management system is viewed as a core tool for the job.

Intelligent and profitable insights

Analysis of accurate, up-to-the-minute data provides the total visibility required for market-trend forecasting and safer business decision-making. Ultimately, it gives you the insight you need to gain competitive advantage.

Smarter working with improved efficiency

Integrated workflows that serve your whole workforce improve productivity and raise performance. Routine tasks can easily be automated, reducing operating costs, eliminating user error, and freeing your team up to focus on the challenges that only a human can handle.

Steadfast security and rapid support

Agile DevOps processes allow the application lifecycle to iterate and improve quickly and securely. If you do run into any issues, our emergency response teams are committed to getting you back up and running within the hour.

Scalable and compliant solutions

Our claims management system flexes to fit your business. It can also scale when needed with add-on modules that create adaptive workflows. What’s more, our experts keep constantly up to date with the latest regulatory developments to make sure your business stays compliant.

Accurate reporting lowers risk

Our integrated systems offer real-time record keeping and streamlined data collection to generate reliable reports in no time. This enables you to join the dots to build a 360-degree view of risk factors and exposures.

Experts upskilled and reputation upheld

Continually review your team’s practices and performance to identify skills gaps and implement appropriate training. Refining processes improves service levels, which helps keep customers happy and upholds your firm’s reputation.

DOCOsoft in numbers


Up to 50% reduction in claims-handling turnaround time


Over 30% market share (Lloyd’s)


Operating across 8 countries


£12 billion premium income managed by DOCOsoft claims systems


claims processing


operating costs


regulatory compliance


claims handling



Get in touch and see for yourself how DOCOsoft’s claims management system can transform the way you work.