White papers

Why now is the time to invest in a new claims management system (Future-proofing Claims)

Date published: Friday, December 16th, 2022.

For much-needed digitalization projects like the Future at Lloyd’s and Blueprint Two to achieve their potential, insurance and reinsurance carriers must move their claims operations to advanced claims management technology like the DOCOsoft CMS.   The digitisation work currently underway at Lloyd’s and in the wider market offers (re)insurers a chance to re-imagine their roles and […]

Optimising Machine Learning for Insurance Claims Teams

Date published: Wednesday, December 14th, 2022.

Machine learning plays an increasingly important role in the insurance sector today. It can massively augment a claims team’s ability to process, analyse and make decisions based on the increasingly abundant data they have at their fingertips.  Feature selection – the process of separating out and retaining a subset of the most useful or informative […]

Incumbents must Digitise Claims Process to Protect Market Share

Date published: Sunday, November 13th, 2022.

New technology can help P&C (re)insurance carriers generate insights into loss trends, analyse and leverage claims reserve data, and better monitor performance across their portfolios. For the broader (re)insurance industry, Covid-19 not only resulted in claims running into tens of billions of dollars, but also – as crises so often do – created or accelerated […]

How technology is revolutionising the world of insurance claims

Date published: Friday, November 11th, 2022.

Automation and digitisation are revolutionising the sector. Insurance makes things possible. It protects us against the risk of something going wrong with our cars, our homes, our possessions or our health. Insurance frees businesses to take risks – while managing the impact if trouble strikes. Technology is rapidly transforming the world of insurance. A new […]

How Technology is Driving Innovation and Enabling London Market Change

Date published: Thursday, March 25th, 2021.

Automation and digitisation are revolutionising the sector.   By Aidan O’Neil Technology is rapidly transforming the world of insurance. A new generation of insurtech businesses is reinventing traditional insurance processes. Even the most traditional of insurers are finally getting to grips with a digital future.  Technology creates almost unlimited new possibilities. It’s not unusual now for […]

The Importance of a more Rigirous Approach to Counterparty Screening

Date published: Tuesday, December 17th, 2019.

The news the US has imposed new sanctions on Iran’s biggest shipping company and largest airline for allegedly helping Tehran develop ballistic missiles in contravention of UN sanctions will have made London market insurers sit up and take notice. It was reported Mike Pompeo, US secretary of state, announced sanctions on the Islamic Republic of […]