Optimise your processes and dramatically reduce claims turnaround times

Our new SaaS claims management system DOCOsoft Vew
delivers unprecedented flexibility and ease of configuration.
Free your team to enhance customer satisfaction
and boost your bottom line.

Unprecedented insight and oversight

Developed in collaboration with leading global (re)insurers, DOCOsoft Vew is a next-generation SaaS Claims Management System (CMS) designed from the ground up to meet the future needs of big-ticket P&C carriers around the world.


Developed in collaboration with leading global (re)insurers, DOCOsoft Vew delivers significant time and cost savings. By streamlining processing, reducing admin tasks, and empowering your claims team to work smarter and more efficiently, DOCOsoft Vew means you’ll soon be turning claims around faster than ever before.


Market-leading data analytics capabilities generate real-time insights that empower you to improve claims processing and decision-making. With rapid easy access to a comprehensive suite of reports and insights, DOCOsoft Vew helps reduce the overheads entailed in managing a claims team, with automated capabilities to ensure that claims are always handled with maximum efficiency.


Continually updated to deliver the latest available functionality, DOCOsoft Vew provides all the scalability you’ll need to meet your changing business needs.


Moving to DOCOsoft Vew’s SaaS model frees you from the ongoing infrastructure and resourcing costs that come with on-premise technology. DOCOsoft’s agile DevOps approach enables us to iterate and improve the platform rapidly to meet your evolving needs. This leads to faster turnaround times, more efficient development, fewer errors and a better overall user experience.

How DOCOsoft Vew’s cloud-native ecosystem works for you


A fully cloud-native CMS built on a microservices architecture, seamlessly deployed on a fully managed Kubernetes based application platform.



An API-first methodology ensures seamless integration with all the resources you need to operate optimally.


Accelerating Innovation

Our Agile DevOps approach ensures faster, more collaborative and customer-centric development and delivery.


Advanced Analytics

Powered by AI and machine learning, DOCOsoft Vew’s advanced analytics generate powerful strategic insights, driving improved efficiency and decision-making.

The future of claims is here right now

DOCOsoft Vew is an agile cloud-native CMS, ready to support you as you move confidently forward to the future of P&C (re)insurance claims. Designed to support ACORD EBOT and ECOT messaging, and ready for the London’s Market’s Blueprint Two digital claims initiative, DOCOsoft Vew provides a fully global SaaS claims management solution.

Your next-generation cloud-based platform

DOCOsoft Vew’s next-generation system architecture and functionality create new opportunities to gather global insights. Its AI-enhanced data analytics and reporting support optimal decision making.

Exceptional flexibility and functionality

Customisable dashboards allow users to create multiple different data fields, making light work of tailored reporting. DOCOsoft Vew makes it easy to incorporate adaptable claims trends to enrich your team’s collective knowledge base, benchmarking, and forecasting – while roles-based permissions give you full control at every stage in the process.


Third-party API integrations enable your internal systems to consume real-time claims data from any source, helping IT leaders run a future-oriented setup alongside legacy systems.


Market-leading security

DOCOsoft Vew is hosted through Microsoft Azure to deliver the full benefits of a resilient cloud-based SaaS solution, backed by an exceptional level of security.

Want to know more? Contact us to learn more about how DOCOsoft Vew can empower your claims operations for the future world of (re)insurance.