Seasonal fun at DOCOsoft and a bit of work along the way

DOCOsoft experienced an unusually busy day on the 29th November when we combined our latest Best Practise Group and User Group sessions in the afternoon with an early season Christmas party bringing together customers, market peers and all our claims community friends.

The annual DOCOsoft Christmas party, which was held again in the Old Tea Warehouse Pub in the shadow of the Gherkin, was the culmination of a successful year for DOCOsoft where we had many go lives with our award winning claims management system. In the past few months alone, we have had production go lives on the London Market write back message claims message system with W.R. Berkley, AXA XL and finally AXIS/Novae. We have also undergone a significant expansion phase in 2018 requiring investment in development, software engineering and support services. These are exciting times for the business.

The Best Practise Group (BPG) promotes understanding of the deeper claims insights and more granular MI that our CMS provides. The BPG learned about DOCOsoft’s new modules and covered the future version enhancements process that we will be rolling out in the New Year. The DOCOsoft mission is to deliver tangible innovation that works today and best practise standards that work across multiple platforms on a global scale. How can users generally get the most out of the DOCOsoft CMS so that they can in turn better serve their clients? That is the question that the BPG has been designed to answer.

The BPG is all about giving our customers a competitive edge so that if you are on the DOCOsoft system, you can in turn fulfil your commitment to customers. New regulations, market changes and the impact of Brexit all require teamwork, testing and a framework to provide regular updates which the DOCOsoft CMS provides.

The DOCOsoft User Community (DUC) user group meeting held after the BPG meeting, also heard that the DOCOsoft Gateway received ACORD eBOT/eCOT accreditation earlier in the year, and about our ongoing ISO27001 journey. The DUC found out about the important market-wide initiatives that we are currently undertaking encompassing the IMR Re-Platform, LBS with Brexit and the Single Claims Agreement Party among others.

DOCOsoft started the DUC user group in the summer of 2017, when we issued our customer mission statement, which is:

 “To build software products of enduring worth that transform the general insurance industry, and to build a community of customers to whom we have fulfilled a promise, all made possible by a workplace guided by innovation, integrity and teamwork.”

The DUC user group is a community of our customers and is our way of fulfilling the promise of innovation, integrity and teamwork. DOCOsoft’s Claims Management System now supports 14 carriers in the London Market and we don’t believe in company logos on a presentation, instead we believe in people and bringing our friends in the market together, and this is what the DUC user group is all about.

Once the DUC meeting was over, we all walked over to the Old Tea Warehouse for our annual Christmas party where we replaced the coffee with some stronger beverages. The DOCOsoft Christmas party is just an extension of our ambition in bringing the London Market community together, creating cohesive thinking, and if we don’t mind saying so, having a lot of fun along the way!

Talking of fun, we wish all of our London market friends a brilliant Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you all in 2019, which promises to be an exciting, if sometimes challenging, time for everyone engaged in the next phase of London Market claims transformation.