Journey from College to DOCOsoft

After completing 4 years of academic study at Technological University Dublin, my transition into the professional field was met with additional challenges due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. I chose to study Human Resource Management (HR) to gain exposure to an array of HR practices (i.e. succession planning, rewards and recognition, and employee empowerment) that act synergistically and are devised to equip employees with skills and abilities necessary to boost efficiency and performance.

For any change initiative to be successful, it requires substantial assistance from HR to promote its adoption in organisations. Likewise, staffing a consistent management core at every level demands considerable HR alliance. HR professionals have a unique perspective within the business they work, as not only do they have a solid understanding of the organization’s priorities, but also the ability to influence the future of the company.

Having achieved a first-class honors degree in Human Resource Management, I became immediately aware of the volatile changes to the job market, and the importance of understanding a company’s status, advancement, and growth opportunities. As my research showed, DOCOsoft stood out for numerous reasons.

1. Job security and stability- the Insurance market.

2. Tech-infused AI Augmented work environment – Automated ways of working have long been a core presence in my life as a Gen Z. This fusion will help fabricate new ideas and processes that will not only fuel my own tacit knowledge but will act as a key source of competitive advantage for DOCOsoft.

3. Inclusive and value driven culture – at the heart of DOCOsoft lie its five core values; Grounded, Trusted, Collaborative, Committed, and Creative, all of which drive employee motivation – benefiting the overall goals of the company. Here, HR plays a strategic role influencing employee uptake, embedding these values into the organisation long term.

I feel very involved and trusted at DOCOsoft, which makes me feel appreciated and a valued member of the team. I have been given the opportunity to implement the learning objectives/topics of interest from my degree to my everyday work tasks. Organising both virtual and face-to-face company events has enhanced colleague engagement, leading to a more fulfilled and satisfied workforce. Participating in a systematic recruitment strategy to safeguard productivity and help further shape employees’ behaviours and attributes, will contribute towards our goal of creating a pool of talented individuals.

I have also utilised my data analytics knowledge and integrated this as part of our annual performance management process. This structures data in a clear manner to improve decision-making and overall performance. Other projects I have collaborated on include Marketing initiatives to enrich both internal and external communication and brand visibility. Namely, producing content to be included in our website newsletters, as well as conducting social media audits.

Providing employee training emerges as a vital activity carried out by HR to achieve measurable improvements. Just recently, I have been involved in rolling out a companywide Agile transformation. Employees are currently attending Agile training, demonstrating how we can incorporate Agile methodologies into different business domains, and DOCOsoft’s culture as a whole. This has encouraged staff to practiseand promote sustainable development and has increased efficiency throughout DOCOsoft.

Joining DOCOsoft is not the end of the journey, it may not even be the end of the beginning! The company has ambitious plans to grow its existing client base in London and expand into new regions of the globe. Our business has flourished on the back of investment in intelligent, talented people. We are looking to bring in many more talented people to help grow the business, which will be important not just for DOCOsoft but also for my personal development.