DOCOBake Tasty Treats for Temple Street

Over the past few years The Great British Bake off has been a resounding success. Between viewer numbers and book sales it has gripped both sides of the pond with the baking bug. So, when we heard about the Great Irish Bake for Temple Street Children Hospital we knew we had to participate, even if it was only with Rice Krispy buns. We decided the only way to make a success of this was to make it into a friendly competition. The winner was to get the accolade of “DOCOsoft Star Baker” and of course bragging rights.

The rules were simple, the bakes had to be homemade. We had a big number of participants in the end and some worthy contenders. Anthony did a sterling job with his roulade, we had two different types of brownies, Jaffa Cake and Peanut Butter. We had scones with cream and jam, Welsh cakes with cream and fruit, cookies with Smarties, profiteroles with chocolate and cream and Oreo cheesecake truffles. Of course, before anyone could taste these delicious goodies we passed around the Temple Street money box to raise as much money as we could for this amazing children’s hospital in Dublin. 

Everyone had a taste test of all entries and the top four were picked: Welsh cakes, Oreo cheesecake truffles, profiteroles and the Jaffa Cake brownies. These were then judged by our very own CEO Aidan O’Neill and our CTO Garbhan Murphy. They took their adjudicating very seriously, and after much consideration and even more tasting, they were unable to decide between two entries. After much deliberating they decided on a tie. It was a photo finish for the profiteroles and the Jaffa Cake brownies and Deirdre and Ella were worthy winners.

After all the cakes were eaten and we recovered from the food coma, we tallied the money donated and to everyone’s credit we raised a healthy sum of €500. We were all proud of what the staff had achieved and the effort they all put in.

The London team will have to pull out all the stops for their “Get your Bake on for Great Ormond Street” in May. In any case we are all winners knowing we are all doing a little bit to help these two great hospitals who do amazing work every day.