DOCOsoft breaks new ground in Bermuda, working with ACORD messaging

A leading Lloyd’s managing agency with a Bermuda-based reinsurance operation came to DOCOsoft looking for a claims solution to challenges it faced processing ACORD ECOT and EBOT messages.

Prior to DOCOsoft’s involvement, the client’s claims team had no option but to rely on a message management tool (MMT) that required it to carry out a significant amount of manual work. Previous experience of working with DOCOsoft convinced the client’s senior claims team that, if anyone could devise and implement an effective solution, DOCOsoft could.

So it was that, in July 2022, DOCOsoft’s business analysis and development teams began work on creating a bespoke solution that would allow the client to accept ECOT messages into its claims management system (CMS), and, thereafter, in a second phase, work with EBOT messages. Though this was DOCOsoft’s first foray into the world of ACORD messaging – something the London market can expect to see a lot more of in the coming months and years – the pace of development was characteristically brisk.

As usual with DOCOsoft, the work was carried out in close collaboration with the client. This complex and technically challenging project, also saw DOCOsoft’s team collaborating extensively with a range of third parties including the client’s TPA partner Pro Global, gateway provider Web Connectivity Ltd, and some of the major brokers responsible for sending ACORD messages through to the client.

Early in 2023, after a period of testing – during which, two major brokers sent test messages through to ensure everything was working as intended – DOCOsoft’s solution was ready to be rolled out in parallel with the client’s existing (largely manual) solution. All went smoothly, and by March the client was ready for full go live. Since then, the solution worked perfectly, saving the client the time and trouble its previous solution had entailed.

One of the key benefits – aside from all the time and effort saved – was that adjusters could now view documents easily from within the CMS. Previously – while working with the MMT – each time they wanted to review a document they had to download it separately and open it outside the MMT. Another big gain was that DOCOsoft’s solution made a huge amount more management information available than the previous MMT solution had generated.

The client was delighted by the outcome of this project and was full of praise for DOCOsoft’s business analysis, project management and development teams and for DOCOsoft’s highly accessible and diligent senior technical team. DOCOsoft is now in discussion with other market carriers looking for a solution that makes light work of handling ACORD EBOT and ECOT messages.

The work it has done on this project for a Bermuda reinsurance operation and its Lloyd’s managing agent parent, leaves DOCOsoft ideally placed to offer durable, rapidly implementable solutions for the increasing number of carriers looking for ACORD-compatible CMS solutions in the run up to Blueprint Two and the brave new world of the Future at Lloyd’s.