A five-year snapshot on the corporate claims landscape

Few will be surprised to learn that a recent report on corporate insurance claims around the world found both the severity and the financial impact of claims increasing markedly – just at a time when spiraling inflation is pushing costs even higher and insurers are scrambling to increase valuations to levels more in line with […]

Making sense of Machine Learning

Just as it’s doing with almost every aspect of contemporary life, new technology is rapidly changing the world of insurance. Insurtech, so recently a radically transformative innovation, is well on its way to becoming the norm. Helping our clients leverage the power of the latest technology is a fundamental part of what DOCOsoft does. But […]

DOCOsoft’s Kim-Anh Nguyen completes the National Three Peaks Challenge

DOCOsoft people like nothing better than a challenge. London-based Project Manager Kim-Anh Nguyen is certainly no exception. Over the weekend of 11-12 June, she and eight friends battled high winds and torrential rain to complete the famous Three Peaks Challenge. It all started last year, when one of Kim’s friends suggested they climb Ben Nevis, […]

Claims comes to terms with a hybrid working world

Since Covid-19 first emerged, with lockdowns soon becoming a persistent fact of life, a pre-existing trend towards some degree of remote working massively accelerated. Today, there’s a broad-based consensus that some degree of hybrid working is likely here to stay. The claims teams who coped best with the disruptions brought on by the pandemic were […]

The power of Claims Process Mining

Claims is never going to be a profit centre, but an effectively managed and resourced claims team can play a vital part in boosting an insurance or reinsurance company’s efficiency – and ultimately its ability to deploy its resources to maximum effect and so operate more profitably. So, without even getting into the need to […]

Surfing the DevOps New Wave Adopters

Insurance technology is constantly getting better and stronger. Yet people continue to make simple mistakes that can undermine the best laid plans of developers and IT men and women. That means there will always be the potential for threat actor to attempt ‘brute force’ systems attacks to try and find passwords. Because technology is becoming […]

The Five Steps to Create an Agile DevOps Workforce

DevOps adoption in the insurance industry is becoming increasingly important as Insurtech disruptors increase the potential threat to Lloyd’s Managing Agents and other London market carriers. These (re)insurance carriers are faced with challenges to integrate digital technologies into complex systems, often with years of legacy processes, at a time when fast paced innovation is a […]

The Silent Cyber Terror

Terror is typically more narrowly defined than war, but Westlaw, a Thomson Reuters company, said in a note last week that “cyber terrorism” is sometimes defined “quite broadly to include any attack against a computer system with the ‘intent to cause harm’ in furtherance of ‘social, ideological, religious, economic, or political objectives’”. There is also […]

Russia Sanctions

Lloyd’s of London has said it is working with the UK government to implement sanctions imposed over the war in Ukraine as fast as possible, including cancelling Russian firms’ insurance cover, The Guardian newspaper said. Announcing a return to annual profit as it recovers from the pandemic, Lloyd’s warned that the war will present a “major claim” for the […]

The Cost of Ukraine and the Impact on (Re)insurers

Insurance companies and claims teams are used to dealing with catastrophes and helping with the clean-up costs associated with the destruction that follows, but the human costs are often difficult to assimilate. The situation in Ukraine is devasting and everyone in the London insurance market, including the people at DOCOsoft, will be hoping for a […]