Working From Home with DOCOsoft

Working From Home with DOCOsoft

“I think that the DOCOsoft CMS is ideal for things like working from home, particularly when people can’t get to the office, due to train strikes for example. If you can log in from home you can still get the work done.” – Lloyd’s Syndicate Claims Handler.

The news that around 20 per cent of the global population is now in lockdown hardly comes as a surprise. As part of the evolving COVID-19 situation, DOCOsoft also used this as an opportunity to exercise our Business Continuity Plan and first asked its Dublin office to work from home on Monday 9th March. As part of our BCP, we enacted a ‘call tree’ whereby each colleague would be contacted by their Lead/ Manager on the Sunday evening to confirm the WFH arrangements. The DOCOsoft offices in London, Dublin, Cardiff and Tokyo were then forced into full lockdown only a few days later.

Growing Popularity of Remote Working

It hasn’t been all bad by any means. DOCOsoft has been making full use of conference call facilities such MS Teams and, more recently Zoom to host internal and external meetings. All our offices were even able to follow a Yoga with DOCOsoft session one memorable Wednesday lunchtime. Not everyone kept their video camera on which made it a bit more difficult for the virtual yoga instructor but then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Virtual Yoga like virtual team meetings will take some getting used to.

Working from home has been growing in popularity for some time, and claims handlers in the London insurance market now have to work from home – for the immediate foreseeable future. It can be a godsend, particularly for claims handlers with children.

The DOCOsoft claims management system is ideally equipped to allow claims handlers to work from home and has been at the forefront of positive change, which allows its clients some flexibility in their work/life balance.

It’s an effective system and the number of Managing Agents that are now using it shows how successful it’s been. It has promoted a more collaborative and collegiate market wide claims environment.

Tangible Operational Efficiencies

The CMS has also created tangible operational efficiencies. The system is easy to use, and navigating the technology is very intuitive, everything is visible. The adjuster team is now able to manage the whole claims area by fact, with plenty of support in terms of reporting MI.

The System is versatile, supporting its global users – backed by their shared services support – across the International Underwriting Association and the Lloyd’s insurance stamps. This is particularly important for one of our clients, which conducts a lot of marine business on the IUA stamp, so the client is also looking at bringing that part of the business into the DOCOsoft CMS.

Pick Up and Play

Claims handlers are now able to add notes, documents, and workflow or diary tools in one integrated system. Governance controls and management oversight reporting is much improved. The user interface is easy on the eye, very easy to follow and claims handlers tend not to require any extensive training modules to understand the system. Generally, claims handlers can pick it up and play around with it.

Integrated document management, for example, provides extra flexibility because the Syndicate is not constrained by the hours of ECF Monday to Friday. There is more consistency and standardisation, consolidated workflow and reporting and built in system controls like authorities. The Syndicate can now focus more on its customer as part of the claims management journey. The system also reports far better MI and analytics, with better quality controls.

Contingency Planning

Last year the DOCOsoft system even helped one client to cope better with Brexit:

“The CMS helps embed our Brexit contingency planning. We have offices in Dublin and Brussels, but where DOCOsoft is particularly good is that because of Brexit it could be that we are not allowed to agree claims in London for our company based in Dublin. DOCOsoft allows us to do that through the re-assignment and referral process.”.

As our clients say, the DOCOsoft CMS is ideal for working from home. It does seem increasingly likely with Coronavirus that for many claims handlers – whether they work in London, Dublin or New York – there will be a fair bit of time spent working from home in the coming weeks. So, if you have to log in from home it’s good to know that you can still get the work done with DOCOsoft!