Not Robots, Automated Co-workers!

December 9, 2020

Not Robots, Automated Co-workers!
In recent blogs we have covered subjects such as the potential for claims reserve analytics or frequent pattern mining to drive fresh innovation in the claims world. Another area that DOCOsoft is looking at is robotics and bots or, as they prefer to be called, automated co-workers! 

The point about robotic process automation is that you can have a worker that can automate rule based frequent and repetitive tasks. The aim is to achieve a huge reduction taken in time to complete these repetitive tasks while reducing the need for a big back office or outsourced teams. This is something that many insurance carriers are looking at right now.

A DOCObot or a DOCO automated coworker could perform some of those tasks in the future. These include claim assignments where we automatically assign new claims to the appropriate handler, task processing, static reminders, and incomplete tasks. We could perhaps automatically perform sanctions checking. The more ambitious applications relate to the Non-Bureau, with perhaps a custom SCAS and a bot that would look at the details of a claim, follow the rules, and press the necessary buttons – it’s really any rules based task. It goes back to the basics of code – if yes do that, if no do this. A bot can very quickly and accurately, follow those rules.

Streamlining Business Processes
The focus over the last decade in insurance has been around streamlining business processes to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a set of technologies to automate processes that currently require human involvement. DOCOsoft’s current CMS resolves most, if not all of these challenges and is a significant upgrade on any other claims system operating out there right now, however, we don’t like to rest on our laurels.

Premier League Robotics
It is often said that the first thing a Premiership winning football team should do is to take a cold hard look at the team components that need to be improved, because you can be sure that the competition will be gunning for you even harder the following season. Well, so it is with technology and claims systems. DOCOsoft is conducting research on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for enterprise claims management as a way of providing integrated, end-to-end automated solutions.