Talbot first to go live with Write Back across all company lines

November 9, 2015

DOCOsoft has hit the headlines after being published in industry bible and leading London market insurance magazine Insurance Insider, which reported the news of Validus subsidiary Talbot becoming the first managing agent to go live with claims initiative Write Back across all of its lines.

According the Insurance Insider news story: “Working with claims management firm DOCOsoft, Talbot is the first of eight early adopters. The others are Ark, Berkley Offshore, Brit, Faraday, Liberty Syndicates, Mitsui Sumitomo and Endurance.”

Write Back is billed as a one-stop-shop claims management system that will allow adjusters and claims handlers to interact with managing agents in real time, creating efficiency gains and improved return on investment.

Mario Apicella, head of claims at Talbot’s Syndicate 1183, told The Insurance Insider: “We’re very keen to exploit technology and what we want to do is spend as much time as we can looking at the technical side of claims handling, and less time on administration and the nuts and bolts of administrating tasks.

“Write Back presents us with a fantastic opportunity to take even more data in. We’re going from something like 60-odd data fields to between 200 and 300. And the fact that we’re working in only one system is fantastic for our claims adjusters as rather than looking at two screens saying different things, we’re now able to work from one system with one set of data.”

Speaking to the Insurance Insider reporter Charlie Thomas, Apicella added that Talbot had been in parallel testing with Write Back since the system was signed off by the market, and would be measuring and analysing the benefits post implementation.

“What the market will find is the early adopters have spent a lot of time refining the product, so that when they configure their products to go live with it, it will be a fantastically good piece of kit to add to their software screens,” he concluded.

Talbot is using DOCOsoft’s new ACORD-enabled content management system DOCO Claims, which allows claims teams to view claims and policy data, financial information, documents, market comments and claims responses from within one application.

The publication was also kind enough to report that DOCOsoft will be offering demonstrations of the system’s capabilities on 19 November at the City of London club from 2pm GMT.

DOCOsoft managing director Aidan O’Neill is also quoted in the article, as follows: “We are pleased to announce that ECF2 Write Back has landed. Write Back will be able to process messaging in real time, 24/7 and open a potential treasure trove of data capture and analytical capability – a major leap forward for claims adjusters.”

“We look forward to bringing more London market carriers on board. DOCOsoft is keen to support the London market change programme and welcomed the opportunity to be one of the first to market with Write Back.”