Runoff Claims Management System – Live in the Time of COVID-19!

April 15, 2020

One of the world’s largest runoff insurance companies has gone live with DOCOsoft’s Claims Management System.

The new technology platform went live at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. To deliver a successful implementation meant that DOCOsoft had to create a virtual team, co-ordinating the entire project using technology platforms such as MS Teams, built around virtual trainers and technicians.

DOCOsoft’s Claims Management System provides 24/7 access to more than 60
claims adjusters and is a great leap forward that delivers significantly improved
MI and processes, operational efficiencies, better regulatory functionality and,
most importantly, protects the client’s reputation in the vital claims arena. The CMS supports regulatory compliance with Lloyd’s minimum claims standards, helps increase throughput, reduces duplication of effort, supports faster reporting and reduces the end-to-end claims lifecycle.

DOCOsoft CEO Aidan O’Neill, said: “Our technology systems are robust, which is why we were selected by the client who were also impressed by our committed, collaborative approach and the trust placed in us by a third of Managing Agents operating in Lloyd’s today. Those of a literary bent may recall a novel called Love in the Time of Cholera. Well our version of that is Live in the Time of COVID-19!”.

The client’s Head of Claims, said: “We have been struck by DOCOsoft’s grounded, practical approach, which was particularly valuable at a time when COVID-19 forced us all to think creatively and outside the box. DOCOsoft’s project managers and developers are also very pragmatic and their team was united in its determination to ensure that the project was achieved smoothly and without delay under very trying circumstances.”