Leading Global Reinsurer Goes Live with DOCOsoft

April 2021

A Tier 1 reinsurance company providing Property and Casualty (P&C) and Life reinsurance solutions to its clients has gone live with a new claims system on an AZURE cloud platform, that is fully managed by DOCOsoft. For this leading reinsurer and its recently acquired Lloyd’s Managing Agent, DOCOsoft is providing a fully managed claim solution.

The carrier is one of the  largest reinsurance companies in the world, which underscores the importance of the claims system in supporting their London Market business. A substantial percentage of the client’s global business goes through the London market, demonstrating the value of what DOCOsoft are providing to this company.

The lead project sponsor on the client side, who has been a long-term supporter of DOCOsoft, stressed the value of continuity of DOCOsoft old hands that were involved with the project who complemented the new joiners that helped the system go live.

This particular reinsurer, like other recent Tier 1 carrier go lives, rarely outsources their claims management to an external company, and typically build in-house solutions.

DOCOsoft CEO, Aidan O’Neill said: “We are very much privileged that all of our clients entrust the heavy responsibility of managing such a core task to DOCOsoft, and this again demonstrates how well  DOCOsoft  is regarded within the London Market. Our brand is reinforced by the quality of our solution, the quality of our people and the quality of our support.”