DOCOsoft User Community Group Inaugural Meeting

July 13, 2017

The DOCOsoft User Community Group held it’s inaugural Meeting at the ACORD Auditorium on 13th July 2017 where DOCOsoft’s senior London market customers were treated to a roadmap of DOCOsoft’s plans for future software developments and insights into upcoming market activities, and an opportunity to network with their peers over lunch.

Contributions from a very interactive audience debated upcoming market initiatives and issues such as ECF usage and opportunities for innovation and enhancements to products. Extensive R&D on new modules and new products, a common upgrade path for all clients and the creation of the new User Community Group with its focus on innovation & collaboration were all discussed in the 2-hour forum.

The DOCOsoft team on the day also outlined the benefits of its appointment to run the Central Market Acceptance Testing Contract for LMA/IUA/AAC and the associated benefits to clients using the DOCO Claims Management System.

DOCOsoft CEO Aidan O’Neill said: “The feedback from our clients about the potential benefits of creating a DOCOsoft User Community group convinced us that such a group could add real value to our service and product offering. Our mission is to build software products of enduring worth that transform the general insurance industry, and to build a community of customers to whom we have fulfilled a promise, all made possible by a workplace guided by innovation, integrity and teamwork.

“The group’s common purpose will be to discuss scheduled software releases that provide benefits to all, new innovative functionality in areas like data analytics and new modules that deliver tangible results. The other purpose of the group is for DOCOsoft to be knowledgeable about market changes as they affect our clients. As their technology partner, we aim to provide our community with insights into topics such as GDPR, Central Services Refresh Programme, IMR, Central Expert Management Hub, Single Agreement Party Model and the rollout of TOM as it affects claims.”