DOCOsoft Gemini Progress Update

February 2021

As we move into 2021 we are now well into Phase III of London’s Expert Management & Settlement Platform, Gemini, which was announced by the Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) towards the end of last year.

An API Version developed by DOCOsoft will fully integrate with the Gemini platform with Joint Integration Testing (JIT) currently planned for early this year and go live for the full API version planned for Summer. Gemini can also be adopted now without the API in place with claims handlers being able to utilise the existing DOCOsoft Experts module.

Phase III will instigate the payment of fees to an expert using the automated settlement facility whilst capturing structured data and MI in relation to expert spend, performance, and claims leakage. Gemini phase III also allows carriers to manage and reduce costs, while building a wealth of data that informs and supports future claim outcomes and strategies. Hundreds of experts and several dozen Managing Agents, following the deployment of phase II, have adopted the service.

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