Marketing Internship @ DOCOsoft

Believe it or not, not once was I asked to make the coffee! Oh, the joys of working remotely…

Determined to make most of my summer, I had the good fortune to work as a Marketing Intern at DOCOsoft, gaining invaluable experience.

From the very beginning of my internship, I was given responsibility for several key marketing areas.  My role involved posting on our social media accounts, client research, attending meetings and carrying out market research. Not only did I engage with the Marketing team, but I was also given the opportunity to liaise with the Business Development, Senior Leadership and Human Resources team.

My organisational skills have been improved through regularly updating our social media schedule, prioritising my time and tasks, and attending meetings punctually.

I utilised my problem-solving skills to enable me to retrieve the DOCOsoft twitter name. Often when a company sets up a social media account, their username has already been claimed. This was the case for DOCOsoft. Through communications with Twitter, I had the great pleasure of retrieving DOCOsoft’s username. This allowed the company to be recognised and accredited.

Given the responsibility of tasks varying from interacting with internal and external members of staff such as our CEO and Graphic Designer to communicating with those from other organisations such as Twitter, my communication skills have been greatly enhanced. I have improved my formal writing style/tone and diplomacy skills.

Exposure to the insurance and reinsurance market has improved my knowledge of Lloyd’s of London, a market which I was previously not familiar with. I was grateful to have absorbed such information throughout my time at DOCOsoft.

I was most grateful to participate in our website and branding journey. It has been an excellent source of marketing exposure. Being involved in such changes allowed me to observe and witness decision making and teamwork in a professional environment. I am keen to put what I have learnt in theory into practice in my final year of college.

Perhaps the most interesting part of my internship was getting involved in the DOCOsoft Step Challenge. Throughout the challenge I had the role of designing the posts and captions to upload to our social media accounts. I enjoyed the creative element to this. Updating the leader board weekly and announcing the leaders generated some light-hearted competition. This made it an enjoyable activity and an opportunity to extend my friend base in the company.

Working remotely has posed challenges, but despite this I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship at DOCOsoft. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere has made it incredibly easy to make long term friends. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such role models.