Managing London Market Insurance Claims More Effectively

October 20, 2015

If you are an insurance Managing Agent that hasn’t yet embraced technology, then it’s hard not to share your pain! At DOCOsoft, we’ve seen first-hand the issues faced by Lloyd’s and London market carriers and the frustration caused by manual, paper-based processes.

We know that having to re-key data into multiple systems is a huge time waster and inefficient deployment of precious human resources.

Then factor in the pleasure of pulling out management information from myriad spreadsheets and your joy is complete! The thing is, however, that it’s so unnecessary.  There are user-friendly claims technology systems out there right now that can instantly solve the majority of your problems.

What should a quality claims adjusting system do for you?

For starters, as well as helping claims adjusters to do their job far more effectively and freeing them of the boring, energy sapping tasks that only a masochist could enjoy, a well-designed claims system helps claims professionals to stay on top of their game.


Well, any basic, decent system should deliver features and benefits that enable you to:

  • Achieve implementation with the minimum of training underpinned by a simple, visually friendly user interface
  • Provide real-time access to all claim and policy related documentation and communication
  • Utilise the future of Claims Handling through ground breaking Write Back messaging
  • Easily share information with experts, compliance office and regulators
  • Access and update other systems seamlessly, without re-keying information
  • Deliver automated ECF validation and escalation of static claims
  • Have a Proactive Diary System and comprehensive reporting facility
  • Monitor the performance of claims handlers and provide real time claims reporting
  • Support rapid changes by business users
  • Help Syndicates and Managing Agencies meet the Lloyd’s Service Level Agreements
  • Support ECF2 Claims Workflow Triggers and Write Back Acord Triggers
  • And that’s just the basics!

A Unique, Visual Approach

Don’t be discouraged if you feel that your system is a million miles away from doing all of these things because the good news is that help is at hand.

DOCOsoft works with claims professionals every day, with huge experience now of understanding how to implement automated systems and processes that tackle key pain points.

And because of our unique, visual approach DOCO Claims is the complete Claims Management solution that provides a simple, intuitive and user friendly interface for handling electronic claims.

Why wait?

A demo costs nothing (certainly no more than an hour of your time) and you’ll feel better knowing that you’re taking action to be part of the future of Claims Handling.

You’re welcome to call me on +44 (0) 20 7959 2278 or to email me at to ask any questions or find out how we can help with your particular claims environment.