DOCOsoft Values

DOCOsoft has always had a unique culture, going back to its earliest days as a perhaps unlikely fusion of Irish ingenuity, Japanese technological know-how and London-centric financial markets, predominantly insurance, expertise.

The company’s founder and CEO spent many of his formative years living and working in Japan – DOCOsoft was formed in 1997 – which had a profound influence on his thinking. The central aim has always been to provide innovative technology and user-friendly application software.

Since then, DOCOsoft has moved on to provide claims management, document management and workflow solutions with software that is widely used in the City of London and indeed globally. Claims adjusters today use our software to settle claims across North America and Europe.

It is fair to say that we now service the global insurance and financial services markets. Of course, team DOCOsoft has had to grow significantly across its London, Dublin, Wroclaw, Cardiff, Tokyo and recently Mumbai presences, to reflect the fact that we now provide claims and insurance analytics solutions to 18 (and counting) of the world’s best-known (re)insurance brands – all Tier 1 insurance companies.

Transition to Global Solutions 
All companies experience teething pains in their early growth phase, but DOCOsoft’s transition to becoming a software development company that goes toe to toe on a weekly basis with some of the world’s biggest software development companies has been remarkably smooth. Our competition is relentless and highly motivated, which means we have to stay on our toes to keep ahead.

Maintaining the unique spirit and ethos that built the company is the next challenge for DOCOsoft because we want to stand out from the competition, which for all their undoubted qualities, typically fall into the trap of becoming a bit bland.

We recently conducted an internal company exercise designed to figure out what the companies values represent. Such exercises can often lead to a lot of eyerolling and cries of things ain’t what they used to be, but we didn’t make a big song and dance about it.

No Time for Navel Gazing 
There was no massive survey and huge consultation exercise lasting 6 months to get to the bottom of what it means to be a DOCOsoft person.  Our people are busy, client focused software developers, business analysts and insurance specialists speaking to clients every day so we were not interested in conducting a navel gazing exercise.

We did, however, conduct a highly focused, short consultation, which cut to the heart of what we think we are. we came up with five core values that represent the the DOCOsoft brand in no particular order, these are as follows: 

Grounded * Trusted * Collaborative * Committed * Creative 

In our next couple of blogs, we will take a deeper dive into these values and what each one means to DOCOsoft.