Defining the DOCOsoft Values

In our last blog, we explained how DOCOsoft’s impressive growth trajectory has taken us to a point where have taken stock of what we have become as an organisation. In order to do that we realised it was important to define our values because there is always a danger of losing sight of the thing that makes us special and unique.

As explained in our last blog, those values are:

Grounded * Trusted * Collaborative * Committed * Creative

In this blog, we will focus on the first three values – grounded, trusted and collaborative. 


If there is a way of DOCOsoft, then this is it. We are highly focused and pay a huge amount of attention to detail when creating handcrafted solutions for our clients. First of all, the solution has to work; it has to be grounded in a workable reality that delivers tangible and measurable benefits to clients. It is therefore highly important to us that our people are grounded.  In the midst of a difficult time like the COVID-19 pandemic you need people who can get things done. A really grounded person helps others by demonstrating that whatever happens is not the end of the world and DOCOsoft’s people kept calm and carried on, while achieving several huge Claims Management System go lives during this unusual period. 


It is important for us to be trusted. Obvious, you might think, but it is even more of a necessity for DOCOsoft if you stop to consider that our technology facilitates the payment of tens of billions of claims payments globally every year. Our solution lies at the heart of our clients’ core offering to their customers, many of whom might find themselves financially insolvent if they don’t get their claims paid. Our clients trust us to make sure that their systems are still standing no matter what the situation and that is a fundamental part of our continuing success.

That trust is also reflected in the fact that many of the biggest brands in the world of insurance and reinsurance rely on DOCOsoft for its claims technology solutions. DOCOsoft supports its people to become the best version of themselves. Trust is the glue that binds our internal support network and together our colleagues support each other to achieve shared goals. 


Most of our clients today are Managing Agents operating in the Lloyd’s of London market. Market traders are by their nature competitive, but they all have a strong vested interest in ensuring that the market is frequented, has an attractive all-round offering and delivers quality products. That tends to foster a culture that promotes collaboration between corporate entities, and the insurance and reinsurance trade associations that support them.

It is essential that DOCOsoft colleagues adopt a collaborative mind-set otherwise they can’t begin to understand how our core market works. We have endeavoured to maintain this collaborative mindset, notwithstanding the physical limitations of Covid-19. However, we do look forward to returning to the office as an opportunity to collaborate, and to the team being back together again to better share ideas and knowledge, to work together in achieving creative solutions.

There have been many downsides to lockdown, but the upside is that in some ways it will help us to sharpen our focus and ask, “why are we in the office today?” We believe that rather than just being in an office for the sake of it, the question should be: “who do I need to collaborate with today and for what purpose?” If the answer is: nobody! Then it might be appropriate to work from home.

In our next and last blog on DOCOsoft values, we will look at our committed and creative approach to customer to service and the development of claims management systems solutions.