Enabling transformation in a time of Covid-19

December 22, 2022

The client, which is one of the top 10 insurers in the Lloyd’s insurance market, was looking for a workflow solution to replace its existing, internally built CMS, which didn’t offer any Write Back capabilities at the time. Within their old system, everything had been done via ECF physically in terms of having to deal with the claims. The client required a platform that was Write Back capable. The project was delivered in 11 months and included a number of DOCOsoft modules.

The COVID-19 lockdown at the start of 2020 forced the arrangement of virtual training sessions, where DOCOsoft trained the client’s handlers for the User Acceptance Training and for go live. Microsoft Teams allowed the client’s users – about 80 in total – to field questions with DOCOsoft. According to the client, the virtual implementation experience went exceedingly well.


  • An efficient implementation of a Write Back functional Claims Management System
  • Comprehensive, tailored virtual user training


“I would recommend the CMS and the DOCOsoft service to market peers and colleagues. The system does a good job at handling London market claims and it has a lot of functionality, as well as a lot of data that it captures, which is particularly of interest as we move to more of a data driven world.”

“We’re very happy with the platform. It puts us in decent shape for al l the various phases going forward with the future of Lloyds. There’s a lot happening. We’re on a platform that’s used by quite a few syndicates so we’re in a good place, we’re on a good standard.”
– Programme Manager