Enhancing claims management efficiency

About the client  

The client is the P&C and specialty risk division of a global reinsurer based in Europe, providing insurance solutions and services for businesses of all sizes in hundreds of countries worldwide. It writes a global portfolio of property, casualty, professional, financial lines, specialty insurance and reinsurance business.  

Moving to a Write-Back CMS 

Following a global RFP, the client selected DOCOsoft to provide a full-feature Write-Back Claims Management System (CMS), which went live in November 2018. To create a cleaner transition and enable the clients’ claims handlers to hit the ground running with the new CMS, DOCOsoft carried out an extensive Claims Workflow Triggers (CWT) backload ahead of go-live. This involved migrating more than two million CWT records into the new CMS. Fully trained up ahead of the transition, the client’s claims team were then able to manage all open claims using the DOCOsoft platform.   

Enhanced functionality 

Along with all the core capabilities provided by the DOCOsoft CMS, the client decided to include additional functionality from Day One in areas such as capturing data for Conduct Risk reporting and reconciling ECF entries with SCM messages. Bringing in a CMS for the first time clearly represented a major technology change, but the DOCOsoft team provided hands-on support throughout, responding fast to any issues and queries that arose and making sure the new CMS performed as the client required.  

Another step forward 

Around a year after going live with the DOCOsoft CMS, the client’s growing claims team was ready to upgrade to Version 8 in July 2019. Again, the client took the opportunity to adopt additional functionality. This included automated generation of claims tasks from emails and replicating ECF2’s Document File Viewer functionality from within the DOCOsoft CMS – so that claims handlers no longer needed to leave the CMS to stitch documents together into an easy-to-read PDF for adjusters to work from.  


As you would expect of a global P&C carrier specialising in the provision of risk solutions to complex customer needs – with a claims team of more than 200 people – the client has identified a wide range of areas in which it looked to DOCOsoft to provide bespoke claims technology solutions. As the partnership between the two businesses evolved, this continual search for better ways of working has led to the development and implementation of an array of bespoke functionality around the edges of the core DOCOsoft CMS. One of the key benefits of this two-way process has been the gradual alignment and integration of the separate document management systems the client uses for retail and wholesale business – to create something much closer to a fully seamless claims environment across the business.  

A moving target 

In a competitive and technically demanding business like the P&C insurance market – with rapid regulatory, market structural and technological change a constant fact of life – maintaining an optimal claims technology base is inevitably a moving target. DOCOsoft’s keeping in close touch with upcoming developments and trends in the world of P&C claims has enabled it to partner effectively with the client to underpin its ability to operate at maximum efficiency while delivering an outstanding service to its customers. At the time of writing DOCOsoft was supporting the client as it transferred its operations from an on-premise to a cloud-based solution. Following which, there are plans to upgrade to Version 9 of the DOCOsoft CMS during 2023 and, at the same time, to bring in additional functionality around claims process automation, expert fees management and settlement.  

An ongoing partnership 

The client’s Claims Business Operations Manager comments:  

“We have a very good ongoing dialogue between our two organisations. Whenever we go to DOCOsoft with an issue or an idea about how things could work better, we get a good response – and usually a solution. Obviously, there are certain limitations imposed by market structures, the available technology, and indeed budgets. But, like us, DOCOsoft are very much a solutions-focused business, and they’re usually able to come back quickly with what we need. Finding the most effective way of combining human expertise and technology in a claims environment is always going to be a work in progress. But we’re very pleased with how the DOCOsoft team work with us in responding to that challenge.”