Innovating in partnership since 1999

About AEGIS London

AEGIS London is a successful, diversified insurance business, leading and participating in a wide range of classes traditionally written in the Lloyd’s market. With more than 220 people in London and three in Canada, the business continues to develop its capabilities in new lines of business, bringing its own unique collaborative style to new clients and classes. AEGIS London is a UK-based subsidiary of mutual insurer AEGIS (Associated Electric & Gas Insurance Services Limited) which serves the insurance and risk management needs of the North American energy sector.

How it started

Being asked to create a bespoke document management system for AEGIS London was where it all began for DOCOsoft’s involvement in the world of insurance and reinsurance. That was back in 1999. From that day on, AEGIS London and DOCOsoft have maintained a close working partnership, with regular communication between their respective teams around both challenges and opportunities.

Another major landmark came in 2017, when AEGIS London went live with DOCOsoft’s ECF2 Write-Back Claims Management System (CMS). This immediately began generating significant operational efficiencies – and greatly enhanced AEGIS London’s ability to make data-driven management decisions around claims.

Claims is a critically important area of operations at AEGIS London. Its claims team lives and breathes its promise to pay all valid claims promptly – and to provide certainty when clients need it most. The reality of this commitment was recognised most recently when AEGIS London claims service was rated outstanding in the Gracechurch London Market Claims Service Quality 2022 for the sixth year in a row. Having confidence in the DOCOsoft CMS is crucial to delivering a market-leading claims service.

A major step forward

The latest landmark in the ongoing partnership between AEGIS London and DOCOsoft came early in April 2022, when the business upgraded to Version 9 of the DOCOsoft CMS, opening up a significantly extended range of claims management functionality. The two organisations first started talking about the upgrade at the end of Q3 2021.

AEGIS London claims leaders sat down with the DOCOsoft team and workshopped the issues they wanted to address through the upgrade. Discussion focused on where the key pain points were within claims operations to make sure the upgrade would provide the enhanced functionality they were looking for. One of the key drivers for the upgrade was the opportunity it gave the AEGIS London claims team, through DOCOsoft’s Gemini module, to address how expert fees were managed. More on that below.

The case for change

A key part of the head of claims role is making sure their claims team is as efficient as it can be, from both an operational and a technical perspective. AEGIS London has a relatively low headcount in its claims team, so having the right technology behind that team really matters. That made upgrading to Version 9 an attractive option. But the AEGIS London claims team went into a huge amount of detail with DOCOsoft to ensure the business case for investing in the upgrade was 100% robust.

The availability of the Gemini expert fees module was a particularly compelling driver for that investment decision. It meant claims managers could get a clear line of sight on what the team was spending on experts, and could access and evaluate those experts output more easily, and manage its spend more intelligently. Added to which, using the DOCOsoft Gemini module means AEGIS London now pays roughly a quarter of the charge it was previously paying for each transaction. Across hundreds of cases, that makes a big difference.

Another of the big gains anticipated from the upgrade was the ability to track financials on individual files within a block. Since the upgrade, AEGIS London claims handlers can see those files in context and ensure the proper authorities are applied, whereas previously there was always a danger that key data could go missing and files wouldn’t get handled appropriately. AEGIS London also now has the ability to see notes, flags and alerts around managing authority and managing approvals, and generally have better visibility across the system. AEGIS London was quick to recognise these changes as a big step forward from a management perspective.

Putting it into practice

The process of upgrading all went smoothly. Once the project moved beyond the analysis phase into implementation, very few issues arose – and, whenever anything did crop up, DOCOsoft’s team was very quick to jump on it and get it resolved. There was a change of project manager at the DOCOsoft end half-way through, which might normally ring a few alarm bells, but the handover was totally seamless.

AEGIS London Head of Claims Operations Carrie Trudeau says ‘DOCOsoft’s project management team was always very communicative and accessible. If we had any questions, if we needed to speak to someone, they were always there. The fact that I was five time zones away in Canada was never an issue. Not that any of this was a huge surprise. Having worked with DOCOsoft for a number of years, I’ve developed a high level of confidence in their ability to put theory into practice and deliver what they promise.’

Watch this space

Following the success of the recent upgrade, AEGIS London and DOCOsoft are looking at the potential for further enhancements, new analytical capabilities, and new functionality generally. In particular, the two organisations are exploring the use of robotics to automate low-value repetitive tasks, freeing AEGIS London claims adjusters to focus on activities that make better use of their time and their expertise.