A Successful Implementation of Write Back

December 22, 2022

A mutual insurance company that serves the needs of the energy industry went live with DOCOsoft’s ECF2 Write Back Claims Management System in 2017. The latest version of the CMS has evolved to provide additional benefits to users ever since DOCOsoft implemented a system several years ago that improved its existing technology, creating new operational efficiencies and extra assurance that the company would be better able to “manage by facts.”


  • A successful implementation of Write Back, aiding tangible operational efficiency
  • Intuitive technology, with improved visibility
  • The adjuster team is now able to manage the whole claims area, with plenty of support in terms of reporting


“The customers are selling the CMS rather than DOCOsoft because it works so well, which tells you everything! I particularly enjoy working with DOCOsoft on new projects because it is never as difficult as it is with other suppliers.” – Head of Claims Operations