Marketing internship

This summer, I was fortunate enough to work as a Marketing Intern at DOCOsoft. It is safe to say that my experience was an unforgettable one.

My first week saw that I was eased into the programme with training calls in security, information technology and general codes of conduct and culture of the business. It took some getting used to, but I quickly fell into the swing of things.

The true fun began when I was given the opportunity to join the website development team. Fortunately, the new website project had just begun prior to my joining, and I was just in time to join the project team.

Having taken a particular interest in Digital Marketing during college, I was keen to get involved. My enthusiasm for this project played to my advantage as I became quite involved in the weekly meetings and I was constantly encouraged to share my thoughts and opinions with the team. I quickly learnt that there are tremendous amounts of patience and communication skills required when working on projects of such high importance, especially when working with external companies. I can take a remarkable amount from this part of my internship as it was truly an invaluable experience that will no doubt help me with my studies in my final year.

Another part of my internship and where I spent most of my time, was Event Planning. There was something significant in planning events that had not been on in years due to the pandemic. The planning for our Summer Client Party went underway shortly after I joined, I worked closely on this event and was responsible for locating a suitable venue, the pre-order and helping with the email client list. This was also the first year since the pandemic that DOCOsoft had been able to host their Lloyd’s Yacht Day. A lot of work went into this event, from arranging train tickets to finding lunch destinations in Cowes. However, we were forced to improvise when the rail strikes forbid the event from going ahead on the planned date. A new date was quickly selected, and all attendees had to be notified. This was a great learning experience and highlighted the importance of a ‘Back up Plan’. Overall, I found my experience in event planning extremely beneficial and it is an area that I would be interested in working in.

To top off my incredible experience, I was taken on a trip to London to meet the team. I flew to London on the Tuesday morning, and I went straight to the office in London City (despite some navigational difficulties). Nevertheless, I made it just in time for the weekly marketing meeting. This was the first time I had attended this meeting in person, not via a laptop screen; it was refreshing to see the team face-face. That evening, as a team building activity, we attempted an escape room, and it is safe to say it was a humbling experience. However, spirits were quickly restored when we ventured out for pizza and drinks. Before I returned to my side of the pond, I was taken to the Lloyd’s of London building, and what an experience that was!

My time working for DOCOsoft was second to none and I will be forever grateful for the skills and experience that my internship gave me.