Back in Bermuda for the Bermuda Risk Summit 2024 

The DOCOsoft team are increasingly regular visitors, these days, to the ‘World’s Capital of Risk’, the 20-square-mile archipelago that’s home to more than 30 international (re)insurance firms and is by far the world’s leading centre for captive insurance and catastrophe reinsurance. 

Speaking at a Summit session on Tradition vs. Transformation: Embracing Insurtech Innovation, DOCOsoft CEO Aidan O’Neill noted the infectious buzz of excitement around Bermuda’s ever-expanding role in the global risk transfer market – as well as its huge potential to benefit from technological transformation. 

Now firmly established in Bermuda, DOCOsoft is busy spreading the gospel of AI-enabled digital claims transformation, fielding queries about the London market’s Blueprint Two initiative. Aidan was also quizzed on this topic by Insurance Insider’s Meg Green in a video interview filmed during the Summit. The DOCOsoft team also flew the flag for its next-generation cloud-native SaaS offering DOCOsoft Vew

There was considerable interest from (re)insurance carriers in DOCOsoft’s proven ability to work with both London Market Bureau systems and with ACORD’s ECOT and EBOT messages. A well-attended demo on Tuesday 12th saw DOCOsoft and local client representatives walking and talking an attentive audience through what DOCOsoft’s claims technology can do.  

Later the same day, DOCOsoft entertained both locals and Summit visitors with a cocktail reception at the marina-side Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. The illustrious guests included industry legend Brian O’Hara, along with many other C-Suite (re)insurance people, as well as local politicians including Bermuda’s former finance minister Curtis Dickenson and the current leader of the opposition Jarion Richardson.    

On the Saturday after they arrived, undaunted by warnings of a potentially painful marine encounter with the dreaded Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish, Aidan alarmed his colleagues by swimming far out to sea from the preternaturally white sands of Clearwater Beach. Having been told that a sting from the deadly jellyfish would mean an afternoon in hospital, and not wishing to miss Ireland’s Six Nations clash with England later that day, Nicole stayed close to shore. As things turned out, she and Aidan might have been better off missing the match. Not even Aidan donning his lucky Munster jersey could prevent England fluking an improbable last-gasp win. DOCOsoft sprits may have dipped briefly. But it’s hard to stay down for long in a place like Bermuda!