Preparing for Blueprint Two Phase 1 

The Phase 1 go-live date for the long-awaited London Market digitization project Blueprint Two is now just 18 weeks away. Following delays in both testing and releasing crucial technical specifications, everyone with a stake in London market technology needs to focus like never before on being fully prepared for Phase 1 go-live on 1 July.  […]

Challenging Gender Bias on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity, where significant activity is witnessed worldwide as groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements or rally for women’s equality. The official theme of International Women’s Day […]

Meet our TUDublin Interns

Earlier this month, we welcomed our Technology University Dublin interns to the DOCOsoft team. Ahmed, Mahim and Yago are all completing a BSc in Computer Science at TUDublin and will be joining us for the next six months, working in the Software Development, Data Analytics and QA teams. We met with the three interns to […]

Going Deep into the Realm of Cyber Exposures

As we explained in our first blog of the year, claims handlers today want to capture data about cyber claims (and the financials) at a more meticulous level than is possible through central Lloyd’s or company systems. Claims handlers are asking for far more granularity about the type of exposure that cyber underwriters are exposed to, which […]

Transforming Lloyd’s – The Challenge of a Lifetime

DOCOsoft recently held its annual DOCO Summit where employees get together – normally face to face but virtual for the last two years – to enhance the team’s ability to provide a best of breed claims management capability to customers, develop new skills and celebrate the company’s growth.  The DOCO team were also treated to […]

DOCOsoft Values

DOCOsoft has always had a unique culture, going back to its earliest days as a perhaps unlikely fusion of Irish ingenuity, Japanese technological know-how and London-centric financial markets, predominantly insurance, expertise. The company’s founder and CEO spent many of his formative years living and working in Japan – DOCOsoft was formed in 1997 – which had a profound influence on […]

A Three Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Insurance Insider’s May InsiderTech Live event focused on the InsurTech market and the evolution and future of embedded insurance. There was also much focus on Insure Tech innovators taking market share away from traditional channels. Incumbents are spending big; suddenly the leading insurance players are investing significant amounts in technology. All early-stage companies are going to pivot, which means that the ability to be agile and flexible is going to be essential. The potential is huge, however. Take the example […]

The Future of ClaimsTech: Smart Contracts and Reinsurance

In our last blog, we explained that the potential for Blockchain technology to help achieve business transformation, is still there. Now that the insurance industry has had time to pause and reflect on the potential benefits – a process that has no doubt been helped by this period of lockdown – some CIO and insurance […]

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

The two big topics in machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) at the moment are ethics and explainable AI. They are about how we should use and limit the use of AI and how AI should not be an understandable machine, which simply says yes or no. These areas are relevant to insurance and need to be […]

How the London Market’s Wealth of Claims Data Can Deliver Massive Insights

This is the second blog recording comments made at the recent Insider London Live event. DOCOsoft moderated the claims panel, which focused on a range of topics that will be of interest to Heads of Claims in the Lloyd’s and Company markets. In this section of the panel, the speakers turned their attention to the […]