Is your business ready for the Internet of Things? 

First coined in the early years of the current century, the term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an emerging ecosystem of real-world devices connected to the internet. The IoT effectively extends the by-now-familiar connectedness of the online world into the everyday physical world that surrounds us.   Internet-connected phones have been commonplace for some time, […]

Some thoughts on embedded insurance

Embedded insurance is a white-hot industry topic right now. Bundling insurance and protection products, in real time, with a product or service can smooth the path to a sale by proposing cover at the precise moment when the need for it is clearest in the purchaser’s mind.   The seamless point-of-sale purchase of embedded insurance is […]

Optimising Machine Learning for Insurance Claims

Machine learning plays an increasingly significant role in the insurance sector today. It can massively accelerate and empower insurance claims departments’ ability to process, analyse and make decisions based on the increasingly abundant data they have at their fingertips. Feature selection – the process of separating out and retaining a subset of the most useful […]

13 Years: How DOCO Roots Flourished in EC3

This month, we celebrate DOCOsoft’s 13th official birthday as an Insurance Technology Claims Services provider. The roots of modern DOCOsoft go back to when we were established as a document management company working with AEGIS, Global Aerospace, MAP Syndicate and Omni Whittington​. Before that time, my 10 years of living and working as a developer in Japan was very much a formative experience for me. The Japanese way of doing […]

Tyres, Not Ties: London Market Men and Women Alphas Road Race

The London insurance market is a highly competitive beast. The grey stereotype of pin stripe suited insurers belies the daily jousting between underwriters and brokers, which breeds forceful and driven personalities. So when you insert some of those personalities into a competitive environment at an insurance conference you can be certain that some sparks are […]

The Power of a Good Defence

The main thing is to start with a good defence. Such thoughts occurred to me during the stirring game of rugby at the weekend when the English team staged a fightback against the superb Ireland unit that had been leading, unbelievably it seemed, 21-5 at half time. The Irish Times article the next day captured […]

2018: The Year Ahead for InsurTech and the Insurance Sector

In 2017, the insurance sector adopted the term ‘Insurtech’ with growing enthusiasm, sensing a new source of competitive advantage, new revenue streams, disruptive potential, and a consequent funding upsurge. Investment in Insurtech companies has ballooned, with £218 million invested into UK  insurance start-ups in the first six months of 2017 compared with just £7.8 million in the […]

2018: The Year Ahead for Claims and Technology Innovation

As 2018 gets underway, now is time to reflect on the trends that have shaped the insurance sector over the past 12 months and look into our crystal ball to make predictions for the year ahead. Technological innovation is transforming insurance and its claims team processes. I predict this trend will gather speed in the […]

London Makes it Possible if It Comes Together!

“What should the London market look like in 2025?” Lloyd’s chairman Bruce Carnegie-Brown posed the question to more than 400 delegates attending The Insurance Insider’s London Market Conference on the 2nd November in one of his first speeches since taking the helm at Lloyd’s. In an information-rich world in which imagining what is going to happen next […]

DOCOsoft Fishes for Facts at the 2016 Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous

DOCOsoft set off for this year’s 60th anniversary Monte Carlo Reinsurance Rendez Vous in high spirits. Our two-man team were on a mission to establish some reinsurance “facts on the ground.” Our research was quite meticulous and thorough. So let’s start with a few interesting facts. Monte-Carlo, Monaco, is famous for its casinos, the F1 Grand Prix […]