How AI is reshaping the P&C (re)insurance market

Data is the lifeblood of insurance, and AI can radically improve the effectiveness of data analysis. Given which, the insurance sector has been surprisingly slow to adopt AI. Part of the explanation may be that insurance remains a culturally conservative industry with a long history of technological late-adoption. But things are starting to change.  Arguably, […]

Is your business ready for the Internet of Things?

First coined in the early years of the current century, the term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an emerging ecosystem of real-world devices connected to the internet. The IoT effectively extends the by-now-familiar connectedness of the online world into the everyday physical world that surrounds us.   Internet-connected phones have been commonplace for some time, […]

Some thoughts on embedded insurance

Embedded insurance is a white-hot industry topic right now. Bundling insurance and protection products, in real time, with a product or service can smooth the path to a sale by proposing cover at the precise moment when the need for it is clearest in the purchaser’s mind.   The seamless point-of-sale purchase of embedded insurance is […]

Optimising Machine Learning for Insurance Claims

Machine learning plays an increasingly significant role in the insurance sector today. It can massively accelerate and empower insurance claims departments’ ability to process, analyse and make decisions based on the increasingly abundant data they have at their fingertips. Feature selection – the process of separating out and retaining a subset of the most useful […]

Surfing the DevOps New Wave Adopters

Insurance technology is constantly getting better and stronger. Yet people continue to make simple mistakes that can undermine the best laid plans of developers and IT men and women. That means there will always be the potential for threat actor to attempt ‘brute force’ systems attacks to try and find passwords. Because technology is becoming […]

The Five Steps to Create an Agile DevOps Workforce

DevOps adoption in the insurance industry is becoming increasingly important as Insurtech disruptors increase the potential threat to Lloyd’s Managing Agents and other London market carriers. These (re)insurance carriers are faced with challenges to integrate digital technologies into complex systems, often with years of legacy processes, at a time when fast paced innovation is a […]

Diversity and Inclusion

Why Diversity Matters Not long after joining DOCOsoft in their graduate intake, the company’s marketing team asked if I would be interested in contributing to blog content . As I had recently completed a college assignment on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), I thought, why not? This piece will summarise  my college assignment on how organisations which […]

Journey from College to DOCOsoft

After completing 4 years of academic study at Technological University Dublin, my transition into the professional field was met with additional challenges due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. I chose to study Human Resource Management (HR) to gain exposure to an array of HR practices (i.e. succession planning, rewards and recognition, and employee […]

A Committed and Creative Approach to Serving Claims Clients

In our final blog on the five key DOCOsoft values, we will look at our committed and creative approach to customer to service and the development of claims management systems solutions. Committed The genesis of DOCOsoft was certainly no walk in the park. DOCOsoft started out as a nimble little mammal trying to score wins against the big beasts […]

Defining the DOCOsoft Values

In our last blog, we explained how DOCOsoft’s impressive growth trajectory has taken us to a point where have taken stock of what we have become as an organisation. In order to do that we realised it was important to define our values because there is always a danger of losing sight of the thing that makes us special and unique. […]