A Committed and Creative Approach to Serving Claims Clients

In our final blog on the five key DOCOsoft values, we will look at our committed and creative approach to customer to service and the development of claims management systems solutions.


The genesis of DOCOsoft was certainly no walk in the park. DOCOsoft started out as a nimble little mammal trying to score wins against the big beasts of the claims software jungle, where fairness didn’t really come into it. Often, our service offering was better but at the end of day, size mattered. DOCOsoft is now highly respected in its own right but we have a competitive advantage.

We have scaled up to compete against the other software development beasts that are grazing complacently in the fields of EC3, but we now have much bigger teeth! We remain nimble and sure of foot, swift, and flexible – but just as important is that we are committed to building products of enduring worth and excellence. We commit to doing what we say we do and ensure that we make things happen.


The best software developers are very effective at managing their time. They have a strong work ethic and show up on time at development meetings. An important skill is the ability to predict the amount of time needed to plan, coordinate, and perform on a task, so project management skills are another part of the mix.

At DOCOsoft, we also never lose sight of the fact that people will be using software that can either make their job easy or hard, boring or fun, satisfying or frustrating; which makes it important to deliver products that are user friendly or even aesthetically pleasing. It is important to us that a claims management system dashboard looks good on a screen and looks the part.

The bottom line is that it has to be effective. But the best technology also has a sharp aesthetic that makes it a pleasurable experience. That’s why everyone at DOCOsoft is encouraged to be creative, to think outside of the box, and find quirky or idiosyncratic solutions to problems when it would be easier to say ‘no.’ At DOCOsoft, we respect our market’s conventions but pride ourselves in taking an unusual or unorthodox approach to delivering solutions when they are necessary!