DOCO WebArchive

DOCOsoft has developed an Internet Explorer add-on that can save web pages and websites into the Document Management system (DMS) so the system has an archive of what the user actually viewed.

This is a power means of proof of what content a website contained at a particular point in time.  The DOCOsoft Internet Explorer add-in will allow a user to save a web page or a portion of a website.

The web page or the website can be saved into the DOCOsoft DMS , into a third party DMS, or into a SharePoint or Windows file structure. This add-on for Windows Internet Explorer allows a user to easily save the current webpage or the whole website into one single MHT format file.

Users have options to save the current web page that is being viewed, or to save a number of selected web pages, or to save a complete web site. Users can set limits on the number of layers that can be saved when saving a website, and also limits on the file size.

When the web pages are saved into the DOCO treasury DMS, the user can then view the archived web pages inside the DMS.

Metadata belonging to the web pages and website are also saved into the DMS.

An audit trail on the document is also stored in the DMS.

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