Document Management Solutions

DOCOsoft delivers a comprehensive range of scalable, customisable Document Management solutions.

From entry-level document management to secure enterprise-wide, customised solutions, the DOCOsoft document management solutions range provides the ultimate in document management technology.

Our solutions deliver unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to commercial document lifecycle requirements.

DOCOsoft  encompasses sophisticated functionality including; full audit control, check-in check out, OCR forms, full text search, and document lifecycle options.

Due to the scalability and web-enabled/cloud nature of DOCOsoft’s document management offering, users can search and retrieve documents from any location reducing the time and logistical barriers in accessing the required data.

DOCOsoft’s seamless upgrade/migration path ensures that DOCOsoft continues to be the preferred document management solution for today’s demanding economic climate.

Our offering extends to encompass a full range of market leading scanning, reprographic technologies, and document management consultancy services from highly trained industry professionals.

Whether implementing an entry-level workgroup solution or a multi-location, enterprise-wide document management system, DOCOsoft will fulfil all organisational and commercial requirements.

Customised Document Management Solutions

DOCOsoft has developed a recognised pedigree in the creation and implementation of complex, customised electronic document management solutions for the specific requirements of individual organisations.

Our customisation programme extends to ensure our software solutions embrace our customers’ existing workflow and business processes.

From customisation, to the graphical user interface (GUI), to sophisticated integration into legacy software systems, DOCOsoft’s consultants can deliver efficient and bespoke document management solutions for our customers’ organisations.

Thanks to the scalable structure built into our systems’ architecture, DOCOsoft has the expertise and ability to integrate with virtually any software suite.

This integration process enables the user to have full access to all the functionality of our systems from within an existing software application.

Scalable Document Management Solutions

DOCOsoft’s extensive portfolio of document management systems provides our customer base with a flexible, future-proof solution.
The modular design of our software offering enables users to embark upon a seamless upgrade path that can expand over time with their requirements.

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