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  • How tech is transforming the world of insurance

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Nov 15, 2022
    Automation and digitisation are revolutionising the insurance sector. DOCOsoft's CEO Aidan O'Neill writes for the New Statesman, highlighting the importance of embracing such technology, whilst exercising precaution.

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  • Cutting-edge claims: where next for technology?

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Mar 01, 2022
    Claims are stepping up a gear as automation and integration advances are set to take the once ‘poor cousin’ of the industry into a bright future, says DOCOsoft CEO, speaking to Intelligent Insurer.

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  • Incumbents must digitise claims process to protect market share

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Oct 11, 2021
    The latest technologies can help carriers generate insights into loss trends, analyse and leverage claims reserve data, and better monitor performance across portfolios.

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  • Central processing is crucial for the European run-off market

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Aug 03, 2021
    DOCOsoft's CEO Aidan O'Neill writes for Insurance Day: With the role of London being challenged, the European run-off market needs an automated system that analyses claims data and enables sanctions and compliance checks in real time.

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  • A Three Trillion Dollar Opportunity

    time by Paul Jones time Jul 06, 2021
    Embedded insurance is not only a massive opportunity for the insurtech space, it’s the future of insurance, says DOCOsoft's Paul Jones.

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  • London Market Claims Technology Industry Report

    time by TINtech + DOCOsoft time May 12, 2021
    How are claims teams helping to progress London market modernisation? Claims has a critical role in London market transformation. In this TIN report, referencing interviews with stakeholders in the market, we look at current progress of Blueprint Two and initiatives such as Write Back, VCS, and Gemini.

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  • Data standards will radically improve London market claims management

    time by Paul Jones time Apr 28, 2021
    In this article written for Insurance Day, Paul Jones writes that data standards will radically improve London market claims management. Claims data is being prioritised as part of Lloyd’s Core Data Record initiative.

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  • Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

    time by Bernard Cosgrave time Mar 11, 2021
    What do machines have to teach us about the ethics of AI? Bernard Cosgrave explores the implications for insurance.

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  • Lloyd's plans for multiple e-trading platforms raise questions for the market

    time by Graham Sheppard time Jan 27, 2021
    Standardisation of platforms and their ability to function across numerous markets will be be critical. DOCOsoft's Graham Sheppard and Paul Jones feature in the latest Insurance Day issue.

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  • London Market Claims 2021: Evolution or Revolution?

    time by Paul Jones time Jan 20, 2021
    Embracing intelligent change is going to be a central theme this year, as the London market uses technology in a productive, integrated and complementary way to make it an easier place to do business.

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  • It's Time for Lloyd's to Include TPAs in its Reform Agenda

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Oct 20, 2020
    DOCOsoft CEO Aidan O’Neill published an article in October's Insurance Day issue - a single, central claims platform such as that envisaged by the LMA’s Gemini project will bring clarity to third-party administrator contracts, enhance service delivery and reduce claims cost.

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  • Future-proofing Claims

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Oct 23, 2020
    Why now is the time to invest in a new claims management system.

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  • Written In The Stars

    time by Anthony Freeman time Aug 04, 2020
    The delayed delivery of Phase II of the Gemini platform comes at a serendipitous time for the (re)insurance sector, as firms seek to track expert usage and spend.

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  • Taking Information Security Seriously

    time by Brian McLoughlin time Apr 22, 2020
    In the past five years alone, security breaches have increased by 67 per cent – according to an Accenture global survey. 47 per cent of cyber-attacks are targeted at SMEs. The cyber insurance market is growing rapidly to support policyholders at a time when COVID-19 is forcing business to re-assess their business continuity plans, resilience and, indeed, their sustainability.

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  • Custom Job

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Apr 02, 2020
    In today’s fast-evolving Future at Lloyd’s environment there is a major opportunity for claims departments to add value by creating new sources of revenue, re-imagining their traditional roles and adopting an ecosystem mind-set.

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  • The Importance of a more Rigirous Approach to Counterparty Screening

    time by Graham Sheppard time Dec 17, 2019
    In the face of rising sanctions exposure, many insurers continue to rely on out-of-date technology and inefficient manual processes.

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  • Claims Brought to You in Glorious Technicolor

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Dec 16, 2019
    Claims are becoming bigger, complex, more colourful, you might say. We are no longer in the black and white analogue (ECF) age, we have moved into a digital epoch that requires a new palette of colours to connect the increasingly granular, pixelated dots of claims exposures that claims handlers adjust every day. This is where modern, more granular claims management systems - post Write Back - can play their part in a digital claims strategy with built in execution.

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  • Integrating claims into the London market value chain

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Sep 30, 2019
    Moving claims from the back to the front office will bring risk carriers closer to cedants, brokers, coveholders and clients states DOCOsoft CEO Aidan O'Neill.

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  • Managing Agents are from Mars

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Sep 22, 2019
    The biggest barrier to a transformational claims model is an operational and technological disconnect between the London market and its customers, brokers and delegated agents, writes Aidan O’Neill.

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  • A Shot in the Arm

    time by Aidan O'Neill time May 30, 2019
    Claims reserve analytics could be the boost managing agents need to improve compliance, says Aidan O’Neill, while InsurTech data science solutions could help carriers with reserving accuracy.

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