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  • DOCOsoft CMS Saves Clients During COVID-19 Lockdown

    The DOCOsoft claims management system is ideally equipped to allow claims handlers to work from home and has been at the forefront of positive change, which allows its clients some flexibility in their work/life balance.
    17 March 2020

  • DOCOsoft Processing Over 1 Million Market Messages

    DOCOsoft has achieved a major milestone already in 2020 with the news that it is now processing over 1 million market messages a month.
    18 February 2020

  • DOCOsoft exhibits at TINtech London Market

    DOCOsoft exhibited at the TINtech London Market Conference on 11th February.
    12 February 2020

  • DOCOsoft Delivers Claims Insight to IUA Members

    Anthony Freeman and Graham Sheppard gave a presentation at the ACORD Conference Suite, Minster Court on the 16th January where they showed that that a customisable ECF platform, which can plug multiple APIs into carriers’ claims systems is already in operation today through DOCOsoft CMS, processing millions of rich claims messages.
    18 January 2020

  • Why a More Rigorous Approach to Counterparty Screening is Needed!

    Head of London DOCOsoft, Graham Sheppard published an article in this winter’s Insurance Day magazine in relation to the importance of a more rigorous approach to counterparty screening.
    18 December 2019

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