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IUA Invites DOCOsoft to Share Thoughts on Core Data

09 June 2021

The IUA invited DOCOsoft to host a webinar with Lloyd’s of London in early June 2021 titled: Core Data Record: How we can learn to talk a common language. The speakers included Paul Jones, Head of Business Innovation DOCOsoft and Zoe Woods, Claims Improvement Manager Lloyd's of London.

This market briefing highlighted the key areas of digital exchange, including the development of claims data and how this can assist in improving customer service. Dozens of senior market claims practitioners logged in to listen to the webinar and ask their questions.

The event focused on:
  • How enabling efficient digital data exchange across the global insurance ecosystem can provide deeper insights
  • What the possible impact of CDR on London market carriers are and how can they realise its potential benefits
  • The impact of Lloyd’s Core Data Record initiative enabling standardised, quality data to flow through London
  • How there will be no big bang moment, success will be achieved through testing, developing, learning – an iterative process
  • The need for a single source of truth every time, captured by the right people, the right way
  • What the recent release of the fourth iteration of the CDR means for the market
  • How data can create better risk profiles and engage with customers in new ways
  • Why day will help us to improve the customer experience
  • The need to embrace adaptive data and analytics governance
  • How service providers like DOCOsoft are helping Lloyd’s to define a new era

You can also read Paul Jones’ article in Insurance Day, which explains many of the themes explored in the webinar. 

To read that article, click here!



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