• Why Data is the Ammunition of the Future: Improving Management Information in Claims

    time by Bernard Cosgrave time Aug 11, 2021
    Technology has always played its part when it comes to the art of defence. When countries go to war, it's the one with the best technology who's most likely to win. That's always been the case, whether talking about weapons used hundreds of years ago or technology used in more recent conflicts.

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  • A Committed and Creative Approach to Serving Claims Clients

    time by Eva McDonnell time Aug 04, 2021
    In our final blog on the five key DOCOsoft values, we will look at our committed and creative approach to customer to service and the development of claims management systems solutions.

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  • Defining the DOCOsoft Values

    time by Eva McDonnell time Jul 27, 2021
    In our last blog, we explained how DOCOsoft’s impressive growth trajectory has taken us to a point where have taken stock of what we have become as an organisation. In order to do that we realised it was important to define our values because there is always a danger of losing sight of the thing that makes us special and unique.

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  • DOCOsoft Values

    time by Eva McDonnell time Jul 20, 2021
    DOCOsoft has always had a unique culture, going back to its earliest days as a perhaps unlikely fusion of Irish ingenuity, Japanese technological know-how and London-centric financial markets, predominantly insurance, expertise.

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  • 13 Years: How DOCO Roots Flourished in EC3

    time by Aidan O'Neill time Jul 05, 2021
    This month, we celebrate DOCOsoft’s 13th official birthday as an Insurance Technology Claims Services provider.

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