• DOCOsoft Fishes for Facts at the 2016 Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous

    time by Richard Power time Oct 11, 2016
    DOCOsoft set off for this year’s 60th anniversary Monte Carlo Reinsurance Rendez Vous in high spirits. Our two-man team were on a mission to establish some reinsurance “facts on the ground.” Our research was quite meticulous and thorough.

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  • How Claims Teams Benefit From Automated Capture Solutions

    time by Naomi Owens time Oct 02, 2016
    Managing Agents are required to meet the Principles and Minimum Standards set by Lloyd's and this applies equally when ensuring that there is an appropriately detailed, regular file review process. According to Lloyd's the process for claims file review shall be documented and allow for the results to be reviewed with the relevant claims handler.

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  • The Future of Claims and Insurance Analytics

    time by Naomi Owens time Sep 25, 2016
    Sophisticated artificial intelligence (A.I.) and big data look set to underpin future insurance and claims solutions such as when and how to proactively manage the customer claims experience or how to enhance retention of the most profitable customers, for example. Risk carriers who are able to effectively utilize big data and advanced A.I., along the lines of IBM’s Watson technology, could develop substantial competitive advantages.

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  • The Value of Expertise in Claims and Technology

    time by Naomi Owens time Jun 06, 2016
    A fascinating and recently reported claims case shows why London market carriers value their Experts so highly, but it can be a dangerous job for some of them. The case also demonstrates the huge importance to claims practitioners of maintaining and managing electronic archives containing full and un-redacted information on losses.

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  • Three Reasons Why Your Claims System is Putting you Behind the Competition

    time by Graham Sheppard time Mar 29, 2016
    In today’s world, where the full human genome sequence can cost $1,000 and where the price of solar and wind energy have fallen by 78 and 58 percent respectively since 2008, it is clear we are born into an era of massive, positive transformation. This is largely thanks to technological advancements and economies of scale.

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