• Making sense of Machine Learning

    time by Graham Sheppard time Jul 15, 2022
    Helping our clients leverage the power of the latest technology is a fundamental part of what DOCOsoft does. But we’re not here to supplant the hard-won skills and experience of real-life human beings, simply to empower and augment them.

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  • DOCOsoft’s Kim-Anh Nguyen completes the National Three Peaks Challenge

    time by Hannah Bolger time Jul 05, 2022
    DOCOsoft people like nothing better than a challenge. London-based Project Manager Kim-Anh Nguyen is certainly no exception.

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  • Claims comes to terms with a hybrid working world

    time by Graham Sheppard time Jun 15, 2022
    At DOCOsoft, our whole philosophy revolves around enabling claims people to focus on those aspects of their roles where they add the most value – and applying technology to take care of all the bits in between and to maximise claims people’s ability to add that value rapidly, efficiently, and with all the relevant data at their fingertips.

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  • The power of Claims Process Mining

    time by Graham Sheppard time Jun 10, 2022
    Claims is never going to be a profit centre, but an effectively managed and resourced claims team can play a vital part in boosting an insurance or reinsurance company’s efficiency – and ultimately its ability to deploy its resources to maximum effect and so operate more profitably.

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  • Surfing the DevOps New Wave Adopters

    time by Andrew McCormack time May 10, 2022
    Insurance technology is constantly getting better and stronger. Yet people continue to make simple mistakes that can undermine the best laid plans of developers and IT men and women. That means there will always be the potential for threat actor to attempt ‘brute force’ systems attacks to try and find passwords. Because technology is becoming more sophisticated, they can do that quicker.

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