• Single Claims Agreement Update

    time by Eoghan Miggan time Jul 18, 2017
    The development of a Single Claims Agreement Model for non-complex claims within an agreed financial threshold took a significant step forward recently. After gaining approval from both the IUA and LMA Boards, following a proposal from LIIBA and the broking community, the agreement appears to have obtained unanimous agreement from a London market that has proved notoriously resistant to structural change.

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  • An Interview with DOCOsoft: Markel International and Faraday Talk to the Market

    time by Richard Power time Mar 14, 2017
    DOCOsoft had an opportunity to present its Write Back enabled Claims Management System to market practitioners in the Old Library, Lloyd’s on the 21st February. At this well- attended LMA organised event, DOCOsoft decided to dispense with convention and rather than talk at the audience we thought we’d engage with them instead!

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  • Rising Claims Activity in the World: the Threat to Shareholder Value

    time by Richard Power time Feb 28, 2017
    London market insurance CEOs and their Directors examine a wide range of metrics to gauge the financial health of their organisation. Margins, return on equity, combined ratios, loss ratios etc. – each metric plays its part in prudent company management. Ultimately, however, the eternal quest for cost reduction, improving shareholder value and increasing Return on Equity is the primary driver for CEOs and FDs operating in the London market today.

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  • Connecting the Internet of Things to the Commercial Insurance Landscape

    time by Richard Power time Feb 21, 2017
    As a new white paper from Insurance Nexus points out The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is more commonly referred to, is no longer the very frontier of computer science as far as consumer-focused products are concerned.

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  • DOCOsoft, Insurance Day Awards and Innovation

    time by Richard Power time Nov 17, 2016
    As you may have seen from our news posts and tweets, DOCOsoft has been shortlisted for “Technology Initiative of the Year” at this year’s Insurance Day awards. We are of course delighted for this recognition and thankful to all involved in getting us this far.

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