• Insurers and Reinsurers Launch New Blockchain Initiative at Monte Carlo 2017

    time by Patrick Buckley time Sep 14, 2017
    The big InsureTech news at this year’s conference was the unveiling of the B3i present smart contract management system. The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative B3i presented its newly developed prototype smart contract management system.

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  • The DOCOsoft Approach to Automation

    time by Dr. Bernard Cosgrave time Aug 26, 2017
    At DOCOsoft we are strong believers in innovation that works in practice, in real-time, that is today. The benefits of automation are clear but we are not breeding a new race of insurance Cyber men here, we’re just looking to create useful systems and tools that help claims adjusters to serve their clients better.

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  • Automation: Game Over for Insurers?

    time by Dr. Bernard Cosgrave time Aug 19, 2017
    In today’s challenging market conditions, underwriters in London are coming under pressure to cut costs and that pressure is being applied to claims teams. The London market is a different beast to the personal lines and SME market, however, and when it comes to major corporate clients and major risks, clients still demand the personal touch. People can still make a difference but they can be supported by automation.

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  • The Implications of Workplace Automation

    time by Dr. Bernard Cosgrave time Aug 10, 2017
    A McKinsey report presents some stark conclusions: for example: “automation will probably change the vast majority of occupations, and up to 45 per cent of all work activities in the United States, where MGI performed its analysis, can be automated right now with current technology. But significant changes are clearly approaching in many industries, including insurance, whose potential for automation resembles that of the economy as a whole.”

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  • How Claims Automation is Relevant to the Customer Experience

    time by Dr. Bernard Cosgrave time Jul 31, 2017
    Today’s fourth industrial revolution encompasses machine learning to genetic engineering and automation, promising more leisure time, as work demands are removed by better, cheaper and more efficient artificial technology.

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