• Surfing the DevOps New Wave Adopters

    time by Andrew McCormack time May 10, 2022
    Insurance technology is constantly getting better and stronger. Yet people continue to make simple mistakes that can undermine the best laid plans of developers and IT men and women. That means there will always be the potential for threat actor to attempt ‘brute force’ systems attacks to try and find passwords. Because technology is becoming more sophisticated, they can do that quicker.

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  • The Five Steps to Create an Agile DevOps Workforce

    time by Andrew McCormack time May 05, 2022
    DevOps adoption in the insurance industry is becoming increasingly important as Insurtech disruptors increase the potential threat to Lloyd’s Managing Agents and other London market carriers. At DOCOsoft, we believe that DevOps adoption can be one of the key pillars for bringing this new, modern approach into an organisation.

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  • The Silent Cyber Terror

    time by Graham Sheppard time Apr 27, 2022
    Terror is typically more narrowly defined than war, but Westlaw, a Thomson Reuters company, said in a note last week that "cyber terrorism" is sometimes defined "quite broadly to include any attack against a computer system with the 'intent to cause harm' in furtherance of 'social, ideological, religious, economic, or political objectives'".

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  • Russia Sanctions

    time by Graham Sheppard time Apr 19, 2022
    Whatever the ultimate price tag is for the Russia-Ukraine war, global reinsurers are likely to assume about one-half of the potential specialty insurance losses, resulting in an earnings event for most reinsurers and a capital event for a few outliers.

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  • The Cost of Ukraine and the Impact on (Re)insurers

    time by Graham Sheppard time Apr 05, 2022
    Insurance companies and claims teams are used to dealing with catastrophes and helping with the clean-up costs associated with the destruction that follows, but the human costs are often difficult to assimilate.

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