• How a CMS can be the bedrock of Claims Management Excellence

    time by Paul Jones time May 27, 2021
    Improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in claims depends heavily on an effective technology infrastructure and investment in people. Recent trends in leveraging technology affect the entire claim value chain, including core claim, technical, and support processes.

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  • Achieving Claims Excellence: Predictive Analytics

    time by Paul Jones time May 20, 2021
    By achieving operational claims excellence, Managing Agents can obtain a competitive advantage that fosters long-term, profitable growth and increased returns.

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  • Achieving Claims Excellence

    time by Paul Jones time May 13, 2021
    As Property & Casualty insurance carriers continue to confront an uncertain post pandemic economic outlook, claims management is assuming vital importance in their business strategies.

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  • How Data Can Help to Understand Customer Profiles

    time by Paul Jones time Apr 30, 2021
    As explained in our last blog, security is a fundamental benefit of blockchain because only certified parties in the network can transact. Blockchain ledgers are a common version of the truth that each party holds and acts upon.

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  • The Future of ClaimsTech: Smart Contracts and Reinsurance

    time by Paul Jones time Apr 26, 2021
    In our last blog, we explained that the potential for Blockchain technology to help achieve business transformation, is still there. Now that the insurance industry has had time to pause and reflect on the potential benefits – a process that has no doubt been helped by this period of lockdown – some CIO and insurance tech specialists are again looking at potential use cases.

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