• London Market Transformation: Virtual Innovation in a Time of COVID-19


    The client, which is one of the top 10 insurers in the Lloyd’s insurance market, was looking for a workflow solution to replace its existing, internally built CMS, which didn't offer any Write Back capabilities at the time. Within their old system, everything had been done via ECF physically in terms of having to deal with the claims. The client required a platform that was Write Back capable. The project was delivered in 11 months and included a number of DOCOsoft modules.

    The COVID-19 lockdown at the start of 2020 forced the arrangement of virtual training sessions, where DOCOsoft trained the client’s handlers for the User Acceptance Training and for go live. Microsoft Teams allowed the client’s users – about 80 in total - to field questions with DOCOsoft. According to the client, the virtual implementation experience went exceedingly well.


    • An efficient implementation of a Write Back functional Claims Management System
    • Comprehensive, tailored virtual user training


    “I would recommend the CMS and the DOCOsoft service to market peers and colleagues. The system does a good job at handling London market claims and it has a lot of functionality, as well as a lot of data that it captures, which is particularly of interest as we move to more of a data driven world.”

    “We’re very happy with the platform. It puts us in decent shape for al l the various phases going forward with the future of Lloyds. There's a lot happening. We're on a platform that's used by quite a few syndicates so we're in a good place, we’re on a good standard.” – Programme Manager

  • A Successful Implementation of Write Back

    A mutual insurance company that serves the needs of the energy industry went live with DOCOsoft’s ECF2 Write Back Claims Management System in 2017. The latest version of the CMS has evolved to provide additional benefits to users ever since DOCOsoft implemented a system several years ago that improved its existing technology, creating new operational efficiencies and extra assurance that the company would be better able to “manage by facts.”


    • A successful implementation of Write Back, aiding tangible operational efficiency

    • Intuitive technology, with improved visibility

    • The adjuster team is now able to manage the whole claims area, with plenty of support in terms of reporting

    “The customers are selling the CMS rather than DOCOsoft because it works so well, which tells you everything! I particularly enjoy working with DOCOsoft on new projects because it is never as difficult as it is with other suppliers." - Head of Claims Operations.

  • Going Live with an Enterprise Claims Management System


    This global insurance carrier went live with an Enterprise Claims Management System developed by claims technology specialist DOCOsoft in November 2018. The multi-award winning system, supporting full ECF2 Write Back functionality was delivered on time, on budget and according to plan.

    The claims management system integrates seamlessly with the client’s underwriting and document management systems, as well as the market wide Electronic Claims File and Insurers Market Repository. The DOCOsoft Claims Management System is versatile, supporting its global users –backed by their shared services support - across the International Underwriting Association and the Lloyd’s insurance stamps. This is particularly important for the client, which conducts a lot of marine business on the IUA stamp so the client is also looking at bringing that part of the business into the DOCOsoft CMS.


    • Quick implementation of the system - particularly considering the large number of claims that went live. 
    • Improved governance controls and management oversight reporting.


    “I would describe DOCOsoft as agile due to the nature of their company. They are always on hand; they will come into the office at short notice to support our claims handlers. I have always been an advocate for DOCOsoft in the London Insurance Market.” - Head of Claims Operations

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