Why DOCOsoft

The DOCOsoft brand has been operating in the UK market for over to 14 years, and has established a track record for the development of innovative and cost effective solutions for the insurance market. DOCOsoft’s concentration on the London insurance market is proving successful with the company seeing strong growth over the past two years alone.

Building Complex Solutions      

DOCOsoft has an established pedigree in developing and implementing complex, customised electronic document management solutions (DMS) optimised for the requirements of individual organisations.

Our customisation programme ensures our software solutions embrace our customers’ existing workflows and business processes.

From customisation of the graphical user interface (GUI) to sophisticated integration into legacy software systems, our consultants can deliver quick, bespoke document management solutions for all types of organisations. Thanks to our document management solutions’ open architecture, we have the ability and expertise to integrate almost any software suite. This integration process provides our clients full access to all the functionality of our document management systems from within existing software applications.

Market Driven Rapid Deployment

DOCOsoft's Spiral Development Process helps us to make solutions that fit the market. Our development process begins with the creation of prototypes which are then fine tuned according to client feedback and competitor analysis. These prototypes become the basis for full products and are complimented with frequent updates to help speed up market acceptance.

Scalable Solutions

DOCOsoft’s extensive portfolio of document management systems provide our clients with a flexible, future-proof solutions. The modular design of our software enables our clients to embark upon a seamless upgrade path that can expand over time with their requirements.

Dynamic Tech team

Our Software Development Centre is staffed by engineers who have been trained in state-of-the-art software development systems.  Their focus is on emerging opportunities for applications of our Document Management Systems (DMS) products.

Award Winning Software

DOCOsoft’s document management and workflow products have been recognised by the prestigious Document Management Awards in London, being placed runners up in 2008 and 2009.

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